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GoogleTV is a Misnomer!

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What does GoogleTV have anything to do with TV? I think, as of today, pretty much nothing! It is a misnomer.

A post on Guardian claims in the subtitle:

“The computer colossus is rolling out its television service in the US.”

I disagree. Google is not rolling a TV service, at least NOT today. GoogleTV in its present form is a platform that enables no-holds barred, unadulterated PC-style Web on the TV screen (unlike earlier limited incarnations of Web TV) through the combination of the Android OS and Chrome Browser. Any video that is made available on GoogleTV is because of that and nothing else.
Yes sometime in the future may be they will be in the TV business (if they can get in the car business, producing content and delivering it is certainly within the realms of possibility!).

Written by Ashu Joshi

October 10, 2010 at 9:42 am

Posted in Internet TV

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