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GoogleTV: PC In a Living Room?

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Intel (and Microsoft) had a dream to own the living room, it still trying to do make it real through GoogleTV. They don’t get it – take a look at the size comparison on AppleTV & the Sony Blu-ray Player with GoogleTV here! But worst of all the software on GoogleTV reminds me of a PC – a Wintel PC. I had to go through 2 reboots and 9 steps to set it up. The first reboot was for a system update – and guess what when I rebooted back – GoogleTV made me go through the first 3 steps again – including re-sizing the screen to fit my TV! Ian Betteridge says it here: “Why GoogleTV will fail, in one sentence” and attributes it to the simple design snafu of even requiring to re-size the screen. But it is insanity squared when it is not able to store it and forces you to go through again!

Written by Ashu Joshi

October 21, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Posted in Internet TV

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