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Nest Thermostat: Ease of Install

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ImageI finally got around to installing my Nest Thermostat over the weekend. It is about 24 hours since I have started using it so I cannot speak to how well it learns and automates the air-conditioning at my home.

The setup process of the Nest – was a breeze.  From unboxing to having it on my call up & running was less than half an hour. It is obvious that a ton of thought, effort and development has been put into the ease of install. There are three things that stood out as a part of the install process:

  1. Inclusion of screwdriver as a part of the package – very nice to hold, and custom.
  2. A built-in bubble level to ensure a horizontal or straight install
  3. And a base plate that fit perfectly to cover up the mess left after the removal of the old thermostat.

The thermostat feels like a large hockey puck. And the outside of the Nest is actually like a dial – you can rotate it for navigating through menus in setup or for entering information during WiFi setup or to dial up/down the target temperature.

I had tried installing a Trane and a Radio CT30 thermostat but unfortunately did not have a C wire. The Nest has an interesting design that can be installed without the need for a C wire.

Nest Thermostat on Flickr:


Written by Ashu Joshi

March 3, 2013 at 9:25 pm

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