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Netflix: Taking on the Cable Guys

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Netflix, with +20m customers, has meaningful & significant subscribers. And I think it is getting to ready to use that muscle. They are a business, much like Google:

– With no original content from them – they license, aggregate and distribute
– With no network infrastructure, with zero investments in networks (but they do partner/pay CDN operators)

However they do have the power of subscribers to back them up!

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But you can summarize it in a sentence: If the broadband guys insist on gouging us to get video to our customers, we’re going to make a very public stink.

Hastings says the list will detail “which ISPs provide the best, most consistent high-speed Internet for streaming Netflix,” and offers a preview: Charter is tops, right now.

But if you invert Hastings’s description, you get what he really means: We’re going to tell some broadband customers that they’re getting screwed and should switch to a new provider. Heads up, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, etc.




Written by Ashu Joshi

January 27, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Cloud Gaming: OnLive [Emulating Netflix?]

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Two things to consider, performance may not be in the extreme gaming segment, but just as HD Video Streaming over Internet is becoming possible, eventually Extreme Graphics gaming could take off. May be Netflix should consider buying them to complement their offering?

The MicroConsole is powered by Marvell Armada 1000, if OnLive takes off, this could be a boost for the $MRVL stock as well [Read Engadget Review here which talks about the Armada 1000:]

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Using a palm-size MicroConsole adapter hooked up to your TV and home network, you play “in the cloud”over the Internet, with the games actually running on powerful servers that might be 1,000 miles away.
This has the potential to be disruptive, maybe even revolutionary, technology. The $99 adapter plugs into a high-definition port on your television, and comes with a wireless handheld controller and one game.
and OnLive is also introducing a Netflix (NFLX)-like (NFLX) all-you-can-play plan for $9.99 a month for a selection of its titles.


Written by Ashu Joshi

January 25, 2011 at 10:31 am

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