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How To: Develop for Plug Computers

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Here is a short-list of sites that would be useful if you are developing for Plug Computers:

1. The Master Marvell Site:

The site is sponsored and supported by Marvell who created the category of Plug Computing. Using this site you can find almost all the information you need on Plug Computers the software, the hardware and the tools.

2. Useful site within the master site above is the Plug Wiki:

3. A very good tool for flashing or burning Bootloaders & OS Images on the Plug is the ESIA Tool which can be found here: This tool can be used from Linux and Windows.

4. You can participate & search the Forums hosted by the site:

5. Another site that has information on Plugs:

6. Big fans and open source developers of Plug Computers are Mike Staszel and Ian Botley they run what is known as PlugApps (used to be OpenPogo). They have a version of Linux with many thousands of packages for developing apps on the Plug very easy!

Happy Plug Computing!


Written by Ashu Joshi

July 6, 2010 at 10:58 am

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